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Past Grant Recipients

Parents Child Center


Boca Raton's Children Museum

Boca Raton Children's Museum


Boca Raton’s Children Museum was selected as a $100,000 grant recipient for its “Story-Telling Program” which will utilize the state of the art I-theater to provide an innovative and interactive opportunity for children. It provides an innovative and enriching environment where children can explore and express their intellectual creativity and develop new skills which will provide them a foundation for success well beyond their formative years. The program will also improve children’s cooperative work skills, leadership, teamwork and social skills.

Community Partners



Parent-Child Center, Inc. d/b/a Community Partners was selected as a $100,000 grant recipient for its “San Castle Community Center Project” which provides mental health prevention/intervention services through intensive community engagement, psycho-educational/therapeutic group and individual/family counseling. The San Castle program is designed to empower the residents of the San Castle Community through increased access to needed services and increased natural supports. The San Castle mental health program will provide three distinct service activities, a tiered system: 1) Community engagement activities, 2) Issue-specific topical support and educational groups, and 3) Individual and family counseling services. The goal is to utilize the tier system to engage this “hard to reach” population and improve awareness regarding mental health while increasing social and emotional wellness.

FAU - Pine Jog Environmental Education Center


FAU’s Pine Jog Environmental Education Center was selected as a $100,000 grant recipient for “OrKids” which will allow local students will work to increase the orchid populations and secure a future for these plants in urban areas by propagating, studying and planting 12,000 native orchids throughout South Palm Beach County. Native Florida orchids are now in serious decline across the state. Many are listed as “critically endangered”, with populations that have dropped so low that many are not able to reproduce in the wild. Pine Jog has partnered with the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens in Miami to participate in their Million Orchid Project. OrKids is the student outreach portion of this project and teaches secondary school students to propagate their own native orchids through hands-on projects that also teach about ecosystem services and ecosystem restoration.


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The KidSafe Foundation was selected as a $100,000 grant recipient for its “Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education” which will be implemented and expand KidSafe’s three-part education program over two years beginning August 2017 in partnership with Southern Palm Beach County schools with the goal of protecting children from child sexual abuse. This project will ultimately help to protect and impact over 22,000 children. KidSafe’s active and interactive education techniques are highly effective in teaching children how to access help when needed from a trusted adult.

The Miracle League of Palm Beach County

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The Miracle League of Palm Beach County was selected as a $100,000 grant recipient for its “Boundless Dreams Project,” which aims to construct an unrestricted, boundless, and inclusive playground and garden area adjacent to the Miracle and Little League fields at Miller Park, which has over 150,000 visitors annually. The goal is to promote and provide absolute inclusion for the estimated 40,000 individuals with special needs that live in South Palm Beach County by constructing a Boundless Playground.


Alzheimer’s Community Care



Alzheimer’s Community Care, Inc. (ACC) was selected as a $100,000 grant recipient for its “Knowledge is Power: Dementia Specific Care Training,” which would provide education and clinical experiences for future nurses.  This project will change current trends by promoting a family-centered model of care that revolutionizes the manner in which families living with Alzheimer’s disease and related neurocognitive disorders (ADRD) experience care.  Alzheimer’s Community Care is the only organization in South Florida providing comprehensive community-based services for ADRD patients and caregivers and is a leader in promoting dignity, safety and well being through specialized care for all families living with ADRD.

American Association of Caregiving Youth



The American Association of Caregiving Youth was a $100,000 grant winner for its “Caregiving Youth Project – Rebuilding Families,” designed for the approximate 10,000 youth caregivers in Palm Beach County who are at risk for underachieving or dropping out of school.  The Caregiving Youth Project (CYP) is the only program that provides wrap-around services at school, in-home and outside activities for youth-caregivers who sacrifice their education, health, well-being and childhood to care for family members unable to self-care, because of illness, injury, age or disability.

Camelot Community Care



Camelot Community Care, Inc. was selected as a $100,000 grant recipient for its “Family Strengthening and Development Program,” designed for children and families in South Palm Beach County who are at risk for abuse, neglect or already have involvement with the Department of Juvenile Justice to prevent the need for out of home/foster care placement.  Designed to strengthen families by providing intensive home and community-based family therapy, crisis intervention, service linkage and concrete emergency assistance, the program will assist families to participate in their communities and access community resources.

Delray Students First



Delray Students First is an organization designed four years ago to tutor economically disadvantaged students from Village Academy in Delray Beach to prepare them for the ACT/SAT college admission tests.  This program has resulted in 100 percent test score improvement as well as higher school grades for every student.  Founded by two individuals who personally invested over $75,000 to ensure that the services offered would be effective, strategic, replicable and quantifiable, the organization is a collaborative effort with Atlantic High School, the City of Delray Beach and 4-H.  This program provides services to motivated, focused students living below the poverty line who would otherwise not have access to college prep programs.  Impact’s  $100,000 grant will allow for its expansion at Atlantic High School.

YMCA of South Palm Beach County



The YMCA of South Palm Beach County  is a recognized leader in the United States in drowning prevention education. The YMCA of South PBC has operated a drowning prevention program for 12 years, which was recognized by Y-USA in 2015 and 2016 as one of the best in the country. In one year, 3000 additional children in South PBC were given drowning prevention instruction.  Impact 100’s $100,000 grant will allow the YMCA  of South PBC to expand their WaterSmart Community Initiative, designed to reduce the number of drownings in our region, the third-highest in the United States.  The expanded program will teach 10,000 children how to swim and educate 22,000 parents about water safety. Last year, 22 children drowned in our community.  Eight half-hour lessons could have prevented these tragedies.


The Best Foot Forward



The Best Foot Forward Foundation is the only nonprofit organization in Palm Beach County dedicated to the educational success of youth who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and have entered the foster care system. Impact 100 funding supports their Grounded for Life program, designed to support foster care youth’s transition into post-secondary education by connecting them to caring adult mentors, called a Graduation Coaches who work with the students and their teachers, caregivers, dependency case managers, and service providers to remediate educational deficiencies, reduce behavioral problems, improve organization and study skills, and most importantly get on track for high school graduation and beyond. The $100,000 Impact 100 grant allowed Best Foot Forward to expand its program into South County High Schools.

Florida Fishing Academy



The Florida Fishing Academy (FFA) is a nonprofit organization formed in 2006 for the purpose of empowering at-risk youth with positive life skills, alternatives to destructive or antisocial behavior and a sense of responsibility for shaping the world around them. FFA uses fishing as a vehicle for delivering these lessons, weaving effective life, environmental and social skills into a youth-oriented, hands-on sports angling curriculum.

Pathways to Prosperity (P2P)



Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) is a non-profit organization based in Boynton Beach, dedicated to helping families imagine and achieve more productive futures, and to strengthening the community by improving outcomes for children and families through education and social services. Their programs and services are designed to educate and inform parents so that they are able to transition to higher social, emotional and economic standard of living.

The $100,000 grant was used to expand the national program, Circles, in Boynton and Delray Beach. Circles is based on the premise that in order to escape poverty people must learn to help themselves and must come to understand the barriers within themselves that keep them from succeeding. They must learn how to negotiate the roadblocks in the community rather than viewing them as permanent barriers. Circles is a strength based program, building on an individual’s assets. Each Circle consists of a Circle Leader (who is the client), his or her family, and Circle Allies – mentors who are successful in their community. The Circle leader attends 12-15 weeks of classes where they learn, one small step at a time, to set realistic personal goals, learn to budget, how to use credit and other basic life skills.

The Soup Kitchen Inc.



The Soup Kitchen Inc. is a non-profit organization, established in western Boynton Beach in1983 with a very focused goal – to help the less fortunate members of our community. They feed the hungry and assist in a humble way to keep families together by providing them nourishment, clothing and education. They provide a safe, clean, uplifting environment for guests in need of food and fellowship. The Soup Kitchen provides assistance to anyone who walks through their doors – no paperwork, no questions and no fear of embarrassment. Meals are provided at no cost, this is sustained by committed and compassionate volunteers and also, by the generous contributions of donors.

The $100,00 Grant was used to purchase a truck for homebound meal delivery for seniors who are homebound due to medical or health related mobility issues, transportation limitations, and general inability to manage shopping and cooking on their own. This geographic service area has a high population of senior plus (age 80 and over) and many are living alone without family nearby or even in the State. They are desperate to maintain their independence and with a simple, daily check-in from a volunteer delivering a hot, nutritious meal they can do just that with dignity and reducing reliance on tax-payer support. In the first year 5,000-8,000 meals will be served.


Achievement Centers for Children & Families



Achievement Centers for Children & Families is a nonprofit social services agency whose goal is to provide affordable childcare to those working parents who otherwise could not maintain their job or go to school without their help. ACCF was awarded our $100,000 grant in order to provide start-up funds to open afterschool and summer programs to 150 disadvantaged students at Pine Grove Elementary, a low-performing school with a highest concentration of low-achieving students living in poverty in Delray Beach.

Creative City Collaborative



Creative City Collaborative (“CCC”) was founded as an arts incubator, and to build cultural infrastructure, by the City of Delray Beach in 2008. In 2010, CCC launched Arts Garage, a performance space located in a storefront in a Pineapple Grove parking garage. With Impact 100 funding, Arts Garage launched 
The Drumline Project, an afterschool and summer program for students in South County public schools. This program, projected to serve 1000 disadvantaged children/youth is life-changing for participants, who learn discipline, communications, and leadership and collaboration skills, while reaping the rewards of expressing themselves through joyful drum instruction!

The Florence Fuller Child Development Center



The Florence Fuller Child Development Centers’ (FFCDC) goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of young children from economically challenged families in our community. FFCDC provides quality childcare, early education, family support programs and the only Head Start preschool in Boca Raton. With Impact 100 funding, FFCDC launched a comprehensive Family Preservation Program aimed at counteracting the cycle of poverty by providing an integrated comprehensive system of care onsite for more than 500 families on both the FFCDC’’s East and West campuses. On-site services include: family crisis intervention, case management, information and referral, parent skills development, group and individual behavioral counseling, financial, nutrition and ESOL class, job training and search assistance, GED training, immigration services, emergency fund and tuition assistance, preventative health screenings and mental health and wellness services.


Equine-Assisted Therapies



Equine-Assisted Therapies of South Florida, is a nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic horseback riding and equine assisted therapies for children and adults with physical, mental and emotion difficulties. Their program, Equine Therapy for Single Parent Special Needs Children, helps riders improve their self-esteem, physical health and interaction with the world around them through horseback riding. The $100,000 grant was used to purchase a horse, named Gus, as well as to provide equine therapies to children and families residing in southern Palm Beach County.

Women of Tomorrow



Women of Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization that pairs professional women with at-risk high school girls for monthly school-based mentoring sessions, presented their Mentor and Scholarship Program. The Women of Tomorrow program exposes at-risk girls to opportunities otherwise unavailable to them and teaches vital personal and professional skills necessary for life success. The $100,000 grant was used to support and expand services already proven successful in Broward and Dade, to reach the very vulnerable population of at-risk girls in southern Palm Beach County.


Community Parents & Child Net

Community-Partners childrenNet


The Parent Child Center Trauma Team, as a component of Community Partners, was created using Impact 100 Palm Beach County’s first $100,000 grant. Its purpose is to protect and treat abused, abandoned and neglected children removed from their homes in our community, with the ultimate goal of reunification with their families. The Trauma Team therapists attended specialized training on the effects of prolonged exposure to trauma; motivational interviewing for clients, and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. The Utilization of trauma focused therapy interventions began in May 2012. A Family Safety Plan template was identified in August 2012 and implemented as standard protocol. The Trauma Team was so successful that an additional grant of over $600,000 was made by the state of Florida and the program has been implemented across the state. The Trauma Team, is widely supported by the law enforcement and judicial systems. This program is now being implemented by ChildNet, Palm Beach County.