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The 2017-2018 Grants Season is Open

While the 2017 grants membership committee has already closed, Impact 100 members interested in serving next year on the Grants Committee in one of our Five Focus Area Review Teams (Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Family and Health & Wellness) should contact Grants Committee Co-Chairs Allison Davis and Hilary Sullivan at impact100pbc@gmail.com.

Get Involved

There are so many ways you can get involved as a member in IMPACT 100 PBC.

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1. Attend the Annual Meeting
Once you have made the commitment to join IMPACT 100 PBC, the most basic thing you can do to get involved is attend the annual meeting so you can vote for the grant winners. If you cannot attend, then send in an absentee ballot.

2. Talk about IMPACT and help us recruit members
Educating the public about IMPACT 100 PBC and our mission is a year-round task and our members are our best ambassadors.  Our best membership recruitment tool is the enthusiasm shown by our members.

  • Invite your friends to join you at a Membership Recruitment Event during the Fall & Winter. Send an email listing dates and locations of upcoming events. Most people are more likely to attend if invited personally by someone they know.
  • Talk to people about IMPACT and the work we do.
  • Request a speaker to address any civic and social organizations that you belong to.
  • Like our Facebook page and then “Share” or “like” our posts on Facebook.
  • Assist with membership calls or mailings

3. Join the Grants Committee
All members are invited to join are Grants Committees which review and evaluate grant applications submitted to Impact 100 PBC. Every year we create one committee for each of our five focus areas: Arts & Culture; Education; Environment; Family; Health and Wellness.

Serving on the Grants Committee and one of the Focus areas is one of the most meaningful ways to participate in IMPACT, learn about the needs in our community, and learn about our grants process. These committees meet four or five times in fall & winter, performing in-depth reviews of grant applications, conducting site visits and selecting finalists per focus area to be voted on by the entire membership in April.

4. Help with an IMPACT event
IMPACT hosts a number of events each year, including our Annual Meeting, Grant Workshops, Focus Area Committee Meetings, Membership Events, etc. It takes a diverse group of volunteers to make these events happen for us.

  • Chair an event committee
  • Serve on an event committee
  • Host an event at your home or office
  • Contribute food and drinks for an event
  • Speak at an event
  • Assist with event registration
  • Help with reminder calls or mailings
  • Assist with member orientation and 1st year member events
  • Make a donation of $100 to $500 to support an event
  • Help with accepting Grant Applications

5. Help us Communicate
Communication is critical to our organization’s success. We need members who are creative, strategic thinkers, writers or just plain doers.

  • Help create marketing materials
  • Blog, tweet or post about IMPACT.
  • Write content for print or email publications
  • Contribute to the newsletter
  • Write an article for your local paper
  • Help with Photos and capturing our history

6. Assist with Technology
The backbone of every organization these days is technology and the applications that help to run the day-to-day business.  IMPACT 100 PBC needs help at all skill and experience levels to keep the systems running.

  • Help with data entry
  • Assist with the management of our member or grants databases
  • Help with website design, content updates and implementation
  • Help with social media technology and strategies
  • Assist with strategic technology evaluations and decisions
  • Take pictures at events

7. Be a Leader
No strong organization can function without strong leadership.  Leaders in IMPACT 100 PBC come from all over the community and each brings her own unique influence and impact to our organization.

  • Serve as a Board Member
  • Chair a committee in Grants, Membership, Communications, Grand Awards, Special Events or others
  • Serve as a member of various committees in Grants, Communications, Membership, Grand Awards, Special Events or others
  • Act as a liaison with our Community Partners

8. Make phone calls or send reminders
Sounds easy and it is easy.  – but so necessary to our organization, particularly during our membership drive.

9. Help us raise funds for operations and events

  • Secure sponsorships or donations for meetings or events
  • Assist with communications to donors
  • Write a grant to secure corporate or foundation funding
  • Write thank you notes

10. Reach out to Nonprofits to Apply for Grants learn more.

Encourage non-profit organizations that you support to attend our nonprofit workshop in September, to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI), and complete a grant application by November of each year.

Complete the online Volunteer Form on the right side of this page and tell us how you can share your skills and passions with IMPACT 100 PBC.

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